It is important to take good care of your skin in all seasons of the year. DEPILART presents Paraffin Mousse in three versions: Grape seed oil, Guava extract and Verbena guaranteeing a deep moisture skin.

mousse parafina

This paraffin does not need heating. Ready mousse for application.


  • Moon bath (Protects the skin while lightening the hair)
  • Deep moisture skin
  • Hand & Foot Spa
  • Body Massage
  • Body Massage

How to use:

Intensive Moisturizing (Hand & Foot Spa), for dry and extra dry skin:

Clean the area for moisturizing with DEPILART Pre-Depilatory Lotion. Apply DEPILART Body Exfoliating Gel with soft massages. Remove any particles with a towel. Apply a layer of DEPILART Paraffin Mousse on the skin with the help of a spatula or brush. Wrap the area with a plastic film, gloves or metalized boot/sweatshirt or aluminum paper. Leave for 20 minutes. Remove the plastic film and massage until the mousse is completely absorbed into the skin.

Moon Bath (lightening the hair):

Apply a thin layer of DEPILART Paraffin Mousse to create a protector film over the skin. Apply the lightening mixture, of your preference, in the whole body. Leave for 5 minutes maximum until getting the desired hair color. Remove it with plenty of water or use a wet towel. Use DEPILART Exfoliating Gel for the body applying with soft massages. Remove the last particles with a towel. Finish the process with DEPILART Moisturizing Gel to moisturize the skin.